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Artificial intelligence services from Webjyor can help you drive smart reinvention of your workflows, technology and entire organization to transform your business into a Cognitive Enterprise. Our industry experts help you implement a data-first strategy, take advantage of your real-time information, augment with third-party sources and integrate with advanced technologies, such as IoT, cognitive automation and AI.

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Speech and Audio

With speech searching and voice-activated device control features we develop advanced Apps for best user’s experience. Normal activities like sending messages or checking new mail can be processed via voice Assistance Integrated with AI. ​

Text Decoding

Our team of professionals has a knack of decoding and transcription, comparison and de-duplication, classification and extraction, OCR and ICR, and other types of text decoding. We also work on unstructured and structured text decoding.

Computer Vision

Our computer vision platform is useful in extracting real-time actionable insight information from a simple image. It offers solutions like object detection, image classification, object tagging, video object tracking, and semantic segmentation

Machine Learning

The overall size of global markets for machine learning and artificial intelligence based solutions are highly limited but are on demand. With time machine-learning applications are becoming more accessible and affordable at the enterprise level.


Chatbots are an integral part of businesses these days. An effective Chatbot can elevate customer engagement and retention at the same time increasing customer experience. Our developer are equipped with advanced machine learning algorithms to deliver advanced self-sufficient conversational Chatbots. ​

Image Labeling

We hold a strong expertise in labelling objects, images, and regions accurately with the power of artificial intelligence, computer vision, and deep learning. From bounding boxes, polygon selection, cuboids selection, to attributes tagging, our services covers up all.

Deep Learning

Webjyor is known for implementation of simpler concepts with more abstract representations computed in terms of technology. Machine Learning with Deep Learning is blended that achieves great power and technology.

Video Annotations

We perform different types of video annotations, including the automatic identification of classes, multiple shapes in the same scene, localization support, and image segmentation, on all forms of videos to bring actionable insights and ground truth datasets.